When you login to your dashboard, you will be directed to the Home page of your account. This is where you'll get a quick overview of your wedding planning status. 

Once you start using the platform, your home page will start populating various widgets to give you an overview of your wedding planning progress.

Up at the top, you'll be shown the different wedding planning tools you have available.

Once you've added your guest list, you'll see the Guests & RSVPs widget which will show you the number of guests you have on your list and the number of households (guests who live under the same roof).

The RSVPs chart shows the number of invitations you've sent out and a break down of their RSVP responses. 

As your RSVP deadline approaches, you can quickly refer to this to see who you're waiting to hear back from and follow-up with them if needed. 

When you click on the "Unconfirmed", you'll be taken to a list with the names of the guests you should follow-up with.

The next section is to show you how many visits you've had to your wedding website. After you've sent out your invitations, you will usually see a spike in your graph to indicate your guests are referring to your wedsite for information in anticipation for your big day!

Next, you'll find the Checklist section where you can see an overview of your wedding planning tasks. 

Below the Checklist section, you'll find the Budget Calculator widget to show you how much you've spent and how much you have left in your budget. 

You can set up your budget by using the budget tool found in your dashboard.

Once you've booked and added vendors to your vendor team directory, a vendor team widget will be shown under the budget calculator.

The vendor team gives you a quick look at the vendors that you've booked so far, and allows you to keep track of any payments made to them, find their contact information, or check in on any tasks related to that particular vendor. 

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