RSVP Statuses Explained

What do the different RSVP statuses mean?

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Each guest in your guest list manager has an RSVP status associated to quickly show you what stage they're at. 

RSVP statues explained

Not invited yet (Default) 

This is the default status for any guest who has been added to your guest list manager. 

If you have restricted your RSVPs to your guest list, a guest will only be able to RSVP if they've been invited. In this situation, make sure that your guests have the status "Waiting for reply". 

Waiting for reply (Automatic / Manual)

This is the status you should use for any guests you have sent out an official Save the Date or Invitation to. 

If you are sending out digital stationery through Wedsites, this status will automatically change from "Not invited yet" to "Waiting for reply".

However, if you are sending out any Save the Dates or Invitations by post, you will need to update the statuses of your guests manually.

You can quickly update the status of your guests by using the bulk edit tool.

Confirmed (Automatic)

Once a guest successfully RSVPs on your website and confirms that they will be attending your wedding, their RSVP status will automatically update to say "Confirmed"

Regretfully declined (Automatic)

If the guest regretfully declines the invitation, their response will also be automatically saved in your guest list manager.

Staying organized

You can quickly view the RSVP status of your guests by looking at the guest list manager in your dashboard.

To quickly see the guests who have confirmed so far or the guests who haven't RSVP'd yet, you can use the tabs above your list.

Do you still have questions? Click on the chat bubble in the lower right-hand corner to get in touch with our team. 

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