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Creating households for couples and families
Creating households for couples and families

How to put couples and families together so one person can RSVP for multiple people.

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Households are for grouping together guests who live under the same roof (Ex: couples and families who live together)

You can put guests under the same household by adding the guest directly using the "Add guests" option nested under the Household tab. 

Changing a guest's household

If you've added two guests separately, each guests will automatically have their own household created for them. 

To put the guests under the same household, edit one of the guests and change their household to make them both the same.

In the example below, I'm changing Inez Reynolds' household to "Jennifer & Brad" 

Now Inez is grouped together in the same household with Jennifer & Brad. Anyone one of those 3 people can RSVP for the other two guests in the household.

What if I want to give my guest a plus one?

If you want to give a guest a plus one, you can give them the option to RSVP for a +1 by selecting the "Add a +1" option. 

By doing so, your guest will be able to RSVP for themselves and their +1. 

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