When you go to add a new section to your website, you'll be given these different options to choose from.

The heading option allows you to add a new heading to your website. Adding a new section title is great when transitioning between different information within your website. For example, you may use a section title to share "Our Story", "The Proposal", for any bits of travel "Information".

The paragraph section allows you to add a heading with some body text below it.

The quote section is great for sharing your welcome message and any quotes that you feel like including within your website.

If you need some help with creating your welcome message, check out this post

Use the image gallery for uploading photographs into your website. You can reorder and change the size of your images by using the arrow that appear when hovering over the photo.

The wedding party sections are for introducing your bridal party members. 

If you need some help with writing your bridal party bios, check out this article to give you a head start. 

The Timeline section is perfect for showing your guests the activities and events you have planned for your wedding day. 

We've seen couples use the timeline to show what they've got planned for the wedding day from the ceremony, reception, to their recovery breakfast the following day, and others who have used the timeline to show a full weekend of events. 

The Place section is great for sharing your favorite restaurants and cafes, things to see in the area, to any travel and accommodation options you'd like to tell them about. 

The gift registry section is to include links to your online registries, cash funds, or places you'd like them to make a donation to.

Most guests will be wondering what to gift you and if you have a registry. Your website is the perfect place to tell them what your preference is. So whether you have registered somewhere, will have a wishing well, or would prefer not to have any gifts, including a little paragraph about this would be very helpful. 

If you need some help writing your registry section, take a look at this article for some wording examples.

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