Guest List Manager Overview

Your guest list manager acts as a database of all your guests' information. Read the article below to learn more about this awesome tool!

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Your guest list manager keeps track of all your guest's information throughout your wedding planning journey. By adding guests to this list, you'll be able to restrict the ability to RSVP to only those who are on your list. 

You can also quickly organize and sort through your guest list by RSVP status, dietary requirements, age, side, and more. 

To add a guest, you can click on the "Add guest" button to add their details, but you also have the option to quickly import your guest list as well. To learn more about how to import guests, read this article.

To learn more about adding guests and the different information fields, make sure to check out this article where we dive a bit deeper into how you can add a guest

Once you've added guests and/or have received any RSVPs from them, you'll start seeing the Confirmed, Regretfully declined, Waiting for reply, and Not invited tabs at the top of your guest list to easily filter and jump to those specific guests.

By clicking your your "Settings", you'll be able to select which information columns you want to display within your guest list manager. 

To learn more about guest list settings, you can read this article

As you are working with your guest list, you may need to leave notes for particular guests or draw attention to those names. By clicking on a guest's name, you'll be able to leave notes for yourself in the Notes section of that particular guest entry or use the digital highlighting tool. 

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