When you send out paperless stationery to your guests' inbox, it will be accompanied by an email that contains a link to view your Save the Date or Invitation. 

Once you're happy with how the Save the Date or Invitation card looks, click on the "Start sending" button.

Next, you'll be asked to edit the email and select the recipients you want to send out the stationery to. 

There will be a default message that has already been created for you, but you can always change any of the text you see on screen. 

Note: You can personalize the message that goes out to the guest by using any of the fields available from the dropdown menu. 

In the example above, it says "Hi [firstname]" but when the email goes out the "[firstname]" part of the email will be replaced with the First Name of the guest inside of your guest list.

The "Button link" dropdown option is there so you can choose which piece of stationery you want to send to your guests. 

Note: If you clicked on the "Start sending" button from the "Save the Date" or "Invitation" page, this should automatically be selected for you. 

In the next section below, you'll be asked to select the recipients (guests) you'd like to send this stationery to.

To select guests, you can click individual guest names, click on the checkbox next to "Guest" to select all guests or deselect guests from there.

Once you've selected the guests you want to send this email to, scroll to the bottom and click "Continue"

In the next screen, you'll have a chance to review the email and list of guests that you'll be sending this message to. 

Note: At this stage, the email has been saved as a draft so if you're not ready to send it out yet, you can always go back to your "Drafts" under Stationery to find this email.

To preview how this message will look before pressing "Send now", click the "Send a test to myself" option which will send a test email to the email you use to login to your Wedsites account.

If you're happy with how the email looks, click the "Send now" button and this email and your paperless stationery will be delivered to the guests you've selected.

Once you've sent the email out to your guests, you'll be taken to the "Tracking" page where you will see an overview of the stationery items you've sent to your guests so far.

How do I keep track of the stationery items I've sent out?

Any stationery sent to guests through Wedsites will be recorded inside of your guest list manager.

Now when you visit a guest entry and click on the "Stationery" tab, you will have record of the day a particular piece of stationery was sent on. 

TIP: If you are sending physical stationery, you can also use the "Stationery" tab to keep track of the date and method of how that piece of stationery was sent out. 

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