Still waiting to hear back from some guests who missed your RSVP deadline? 

Calling each and every guest can be time consuming and sometimes even a bit awkward. 

Not to worry, let Wedsites do the chasing for you!

Here's how you can send out RSVP reminders to those last min stragglers and get your RSVPs back!

How can I send out RSVP reminders?

To quickly send out RSVP reminders to your guests, go to your guest list and click on the "Unconfirmed" tab.

This will give you a list of all the guests who you are still waiting to hear back from. Select all guests by checking the checkbox at the very top and hit the "Send digital stationery" button.

Note: The ability to send digital invitations, save-the-dates, emails, and RSVP reminders is only available in the paid plans.

To select the Reminder option, go to RSVP, Form and then click on RSVP Settings. Toggle "Send reminder emails".

If you want to edit the wording of your reminder email, go to Compose and then click on RSVP reminder. From here you can edit the content of your email.

When you're happy with the email, hit that "Continue" button and your guests will receive the reminder to RSVP when it's time!

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