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Looking for a way to easily collect your guest's addresses in preparation for sending your official invitations?

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If you're like most couples, you probably don't have all your guest's physical addresses and/or emails off the bat. It can be a pain getting all that information from 50+ people, but not to worry, we can help you with that! 

Here are the most common ways couples ask their guests for details....

Ask them when sending the Save the Date card

If you'd like to send out your paperless Save the Date cards, you can ask your guests to update their details at the same time!

To do this, head to your Guests and click on "Collect details" and then "Form settings".

Once you've enabled the collection form option, your Save the Dates will show an "update your details" link at the bottom of the card like this:

When guests click through, they'll be taken to the form below where they can update their contact details. 

Once the form is submitted, all this information can be found inside of your guest list manager!

Alternatively, if you prefer not send digital save the dates through the platform, you can also send guests straight to your collection form via email, text, or messaging app.

Send a link to your guests via text, social media, or messaging app

This is perfect for couples who are starting from scratch and don't have any of their guest's details.

Go to your guest list manager, and click on the "Collect details" option. This will pull up the Collect guest details pane where you can enable the collection form. 

From there, you will have access to your own collection form link and QR code, and choose the details (email and household addresses) you'd like to collect from your guests.

Copy and share this link with your guests by sending it to them by text, social media, or your favorite messaging service. 

When guests visit your link, they'll be taken to this form:

Once your guest has submitted their details, all of this information will be automatically stored inside of your guest list manager!

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