To ask your guests to RSVP to additional events surrounding your wedding, you will need to add them to your RSVP form so that they can let you know which events they can attend (wedding ceremony, recovery breakfast, rehearsal dinner, etc) at one time.

How do I add additional events?

To add events leading up to or post your wedding date, go to the RSVP section of your dashboard and click on "Edit events" > and "Add new event"

From here the "Details" tab, you will be able to enter the date, time, venue, address, and a description of the event which will appear in the RSVP form.

From the "Guests" tab, you will be able to choose whether it is a Private event or not. If it is a Private event, you will need to select the specific guests from your guest list so that only those people will be able to see this event when they come to RSVP on your website.

If it is not a private event and all of your guests are invited to the event, the event will be visible to anyone who comes to the RSVP form.


We're having a smaller ceremony and larger reception. How do I prevent guests from RSVPing to both events?

Guests are automatically invited to the "Wedding" which is the main event for the RSVP feature. If you want to make your wedding private, you'll need to make a private event (for ex: "Wedding Ceremony") and select the guests who are invited.

To do this, you'll need to add both of these events ("Ceremony" and "Reception") as two new events to your RSVP form via the Edit events > Add new event, make each event private and select the specific guests you'd like to invite to each one.

By doing this, only the guests who have been selected will be able to see the event(s) they've been invited to.

You will also need to turn off the "Collect attendance from guests" option from the "Main Event" from the top of the "Edit events" panel.

This will ensure both the Ceremony and Reception will have a private guest list, rather than asking ALL guests if they can attend your wedding ceremony (which is considered your "Main Event").

TIP: We highly recommend sending your guests to your wedding website to RSVP once you have added all of your additional events to the form. Sending your guests back to your website multiple times to RSVP can get confusing for some people as they will assume they've already done it and won't do it again. Asking your guests to RSVP one time will keep things streamlined and help you get those RSVP responses in time!

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