WedSites uses an enterprise solution that provides sending mail servers with reputation monitoring and tracking to improve deliverability. Each receiving mail server is configured differently, some of which are beyond our control, but we do our best to work around them as much as possible.

In some cases, emails cannot be received because their mailbox is full or if they have a custom filter set up (for example, some people use an email address for work, and have it set up to only receive internal emails from the same domain).

If the emails that you send arrived as junk email to your recipients, it is possible that their email filters are set to Exclusive, which means messages from senders not on their Contacts or Safe senders lists will be sent to their Junk folder. If your recipients have MSN, Hotmail, or Outlook accounts, they can follow these steps on how to set their email filter to Standard.

Here are some recommendations to prevent emails from ending up in spam:

  1. It's best to rewrite the email in your own words. The example text is provided as a starting point, but using this exact text can be a problem, because other users would also be testing with the same words, causing some spam filters to flag it.

  2. When sending your emails, send in smaller batches (10 or 20 at a time). This allows you to write different messages to different groups of guests (for example, work peers, family friends, older guests, etc) and also makes it easier to manage and view open rates.

  3. Check on the email statuses for opens and clicks. Our email tracking tool helps you know when guests have opened your email, or clicked on the link in your email. If you notice that one of your guests hasn't opened or clicked, it's possible that their spam filter flagged it, but it's also possible that they simply forgot to open the email. We have a "Reminder to RSVP" feature which is useful in such cases.

Please note that emails are sent from [email protected], with your email address as the reply-to address.

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