The digital checklist is great for keeping your clients on track with what needs to be done and the progress that has been made on your end.

Once you enter the wedding date, the digital checklist will automatically populate a list of tasks that the couple will need to do for their wedding, with deadlines based on how much time is left until the big day.

You can change the dates, delete, and add your own tasks, but this will give you a great stating point when onboarding your clients onto the platform so when they login, they will clearly be able to see what needs to be done.

Within each task, you can add in your own comments, assign it to either person and keep track of all your communication in one place.

Adjusting dates

If you ever need to bulk select tasks to push dates forwards or backwards, assign them to the couple, or change the status you can click on the “Select multiple” option to select the different tasks and update them all at once.

You also have the option to view tasks in Calendar view, to give you a birds eye view of the upcoming tasks for the wedding in any given month and you can drag and drop them to move the due dates.

View tasks by category

You can also view tasks by category, so you can quickly see how far along the couple is with each of their wedding categories and vendors.

Digital highlighter

If you want to bring any particular task to your client’s attention, there is a digital highlighter that can be accessed by clicking on the “Highlight” option and all you’ll need to do is click on the tasks you want to highlight.

There are 4 different colors you can choose from if you want to color code the highlights as well. To remove the highlight, you just need to click on the highlighted row and it will disappear.

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