The RSVP form builder is used to create a custom RSVP questionnaire form for guests who come through the client’s wedding website. Once a guest RSVPs, their responses will be automatically stored inside of the guest list manager so you can easily refer to it.

This is also where you can add additional events to the RSVP process, like the rehearsal dinner or recovery brunch the following day.

When you add another event, you can choose to make it a private event and select the guests who are invited to each specific event so only those guests will be able to see and RSVP to it.

You can also customize the questions on the RSVP form! The only question that will always be asked is whether or not the guest has any dietary requirements so you can quickly share this information with the caterer.

There are all of these different types of questions you can ask, and when you click on any one of these, you’ll see some example questions that may be relevant to your client's wedding.

For example, a Yes/No question may be, would you like to take our shuttle to the venue? So your client will get an accurate headcount of the number of guests who will need a ride and help them book the correct shuttle size.

You can also customize the wording of the RSVP form by clicking on the “Edit wording” option which will give you these text fields to override the existing wording to create the RSVP in the client’s preferred tone of voice!

And finally, when you’re ready to enable the RSVP form to start collecting responses from guests, you can click on the “RSVP settings” to Enable RSVPs. Depending on your client’s preferences, you can allow anyone who visits the website to RSVP or restrict RSVPs to only names on the guest list. More often than not, guests will choose to restrict their RSVPs to their guest list.

Depending on how generous your client is with +1’s, they may want to allow anyone of their guests to bring a +1 so that option is here, but you can always give specific guests a +1 by assigning them one through the guest list manager.

To gently nudge any last minute RSVPers, you can enable the “Send reminder emails” option to send out a friendly reminder to any guests who haven’t responded by the RSVP deadline. From my experience, anytime a RSVP reminder is sent out, the couple will usually get back all the remaining RSVPs within 24 to 48 hours!

The RSVP link here will take visitors directly to the RSVP form so they can go through the process of RSVPing, and if the client wants to send a QR code to their guests instead of the URL, this is where they’ll be able to find it!

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