Your RSVP settings can be found by going to the RSVP section in your side bar, and clicking on Settings in the top right corner.

Restrict RSVP to guest list

When this option is turned on, RSVPs will be limited to guests who are you on your guest list. When someone visits your website to RSVP, they will be asked to confirm their names. Only exact name matches will be able to RSVP on your website. 

If you would prefer not to restrict your guest list or don't know the names of all the guests who will be attending your wedding, you can turn this option off. 

In the case of +1's, you can still restrict your guest list as long as the primary guest enters their name to RSVP. The primary guests will be able to enter the name of their +1 guest and their information will be stored in your guest list database. 

Collect email addresses

By turning on this option, your RSVP form will have a field to collect your guest's email address. 

If you're planning on sending out digital Save the Dates, invitations, or want to follow up with guests by email, we highly recommend keeping this option on. 

Collect household addresses

This option will add a field asking your guests for their physical mailing address. 

If you're planning on sending out physical Save the Dates, invitations, Thank You cards, or gifts, we highly recommend keeping this option on. 

Collect dietary requirements

This option will allow your guests to tell you their dietary preferences so you can let your caterer know if anyone has any allergies or other special requirements. 

If you're hiring a caterer, they will most likely ask if your guests have any special dietary requirements. We recommend keeping this option turned on so your guests can easily tell you when they RSVP on your website.

RSVP Reminders

If you would like us to send a reminder on your behalf to any guests who have not RSVP'd before your deadline, turn on this feature and set a date for when you'd like the friendly reminder to RSVP email to go out. 

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