Hello and welcome to WedSites! I’m excited to show you around and how you can get the most out of WedSites when working with your couples.

So first things first, before we dive into a “wedding account” which is what your clients will see, let’s go over setting up the business dashboard where you’ll be able to add your own custom branding, find your gift card codes, and all of the different weddings currently active on your account.

The first thing you’ll see in your business dashboard is your weddings, each one of these cards you see here will take you to each of your client’s individual wedding accounts. By clicking on any one of these cards, you’ll be able to open up a new tab with that client’s wedding account.

As you book more clients, you can add additional weddings by clicking on this “Add wedding” button and adding the couple’s information. Depending on which plan you’ve signed up for, you can check to see how many weddings you have left by looking at this progress bar.

Next let’s take a look at the Leads section. This is where you can keep track of all of the potential client leads that you get through your website, social media, or a phone call you may have had.

You can add a lead by clicking on this button here, and keep track of the status of each lead by updating it from this drop down.

Once the contract has been accepted and you’re ready to bring them on as a client, you can click this “Convert lead to client” button which will prompt you to add them on as a new wedding project in your account.

Under Contacts, this is where you can keep track of all your preferred suppliers’ information. By having your preferred suppliers in your private directory here, you can easily share relevant vendors with your client by importing their information into their wedding account for them to consider and build their wedding team!

So next, let’s jump over to the Gift cards section. Gift cards are used to give someone a WedSites wedding planning account rather than having it count towards your plan. This is perfect if you want to gift someone a WedSites account, as a thank you for booking with you, but aren’t fully involved in the planning process. Or if you want to add additional weddings to your account, but aren’t ready to go to the next tiered plan.

When you send someone a gift card code, they will be able to gain access to WedSites without having to pay for the account themselves.

This section of your dashboard will show you all the different gift cards you’ve purchased, which have already been redeemed and by whom, the remaining active codes, and also where you can redeem and purchase additional gift cards.

The next section is all about your custom branding! This is so you can customize the WedSites dashboard to make it your own.

From the basic details you can add your brand name, menu color, and website URL.

Now over in this Logos section, you can upload your own favicon, menu logo, login logo so the first thing your clients will see before logging in is your brand logo. And finally the print logo is used across all printable documents that are available within the platform. This is everything from the vendor contacts sheet, seating chart, guest list manager, budget, and runsheet.

I’m going to apply my brand assets to show you how this will look…

And there we go! The branding colours and your logos will also be reflected in your clients account and across all the documents that can print out from their portal.

The Calendar is pretty straightforward, it’s where you can see your upcoming weddings dates.

Now the My listing, is where you can create a vendor profile to be listed inside of the WedSites directory! This is really your time to shine and stand out from the crowd, share what your business is about, how you can help couples, and the services you provide from the “What we do” section.

You can upload up to 12 images, 3 videos, your socials links, and up to 10 FAQs to answer common questions you will get from potential clients.

We ask that you only submit to our wedding directory when you’ve launched your business and are ready to take on clients, but once you’re ready for your profile to go live, you can save changes and request a review from our team before it is added into our directory.

Once you’ve been added to your directory, you will get a URL for your profile that you are free to use. This will especially be useful if you haven’t set up a website for your business yet, but want a way to start capturing leads!

Anytime an inquiry comes through the WedSites directory, their information will automatically appear inside of the “leads” section of your dashboard and it’s your job to convert them into a client!

Once we’ve got the business dashboard set up, it’s time to dive into a client’s wedding account to see how we can start onboarding them into your own online portal!

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