I’m going to show you how you can add a new wedding to your business account and start setting it up in preparation for onboarding your clients into their account for the very first time!

Go into the General Settings

  • Change the names of the couple

  • Date & Time of the wedding, the RSVP deadline that we want the guests to RSVP by

  • Region settings for the currency we’ll be managing the budget in, the timezone, and date format

  • Venue name and location

  • Site URL

  • Brand - to reflecting your own branding

To prepare the account for your client, you can modify the tools below:

  • Checklist

  • Budget

  • Website

  • Vendor team

You can modify the tools inside of the platform, we’ll dive into each of the individual tools in separate videos so you can watch those but for now, let’s assume you’ve set up the account to your liking and you’re ready to invite your client into the platform.

You can invite a new user into the account by going to the User Settings and click on the “Invite new user” button. From here, you can add your clients name, their email address where they’ll receive the invitation to join the account, their role, and most importantly, this is where you can choose which areas of the account your clients will have access to.

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