The budget tool is great for helping your clients create a realistic budget and keep track of their expenses throughout the wedding planning process.

The budget tool is integrated with the vendor feature, so any time a vendor is booked, we can add in the upcoming payments due to the supplier into this tool and it will be automatically tied to that particular business.

You can add a completely new item by clicking on the “Add item” button. Give it a description, assign it a category, and you can give it an estimated cost and or add the payment amount and who the payment was made to.

You can also update existing line items by clicking on it, and adding the payment.

So for example, let’s say we’ve just booked the hotel for the wedding night, we’ll go ahead and click on “add new payment”

Once you save the item, you will see this reflected within the budget sheet but also the amount spent so far will change in the progress bar above.

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