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14 Ways to Customize Your Wedding Website
14 Ways to Customize Your Wedding Website
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Using an existing template as a starting point, our website builder is made up of different section types that can easily be deleted, rearranged, or added to so you can completely modify the way your wedding website looks.

All of the website templates you see inside of WedSites are entirely customizable so you can completely change the layout, colors, and fonts, and upload your own personal touches

  1. Simplified Design

    To simplify an existing template to add your own graphics or create a typography-focused website, you can use the simplified design option to strip back the design!

    You'll find this under Site settings > Design > Simplified design

  2. Header Image

    Uploading your own header image is a great intro to your wedding website - not to mention the perfect place to use those beautiful engagement photos!

    You can add a header image by going to Site settings > Header > Upload header image

  3. Header Logo

    Uploading a photo is not the only way you can make a statement on your wedding website! For couples who have created custom signage or a logo for their wedding, you have the option to replace way your names are displayed in the default template.

    You'll find this setting by going into Site settings > Header > Upload header logo

  4. Background Image

    Uploading a background image is a great way to add texture to your website!

    You'll find this setting by going into Site settings > Design > Upload background image

  5. Custom Menu Logo

    Have you created a custom emblem or logo for your wedding? You can personalize your wedding website by uploading it as a menu logo that will take guests back to the home page when navigating your website.

    You'll find this option under Site settings > Menu > Upload custom menu logo

  6. Custom Calligraphy Headers

    This one takes a bit of creativity, but we love seeing how couples utilize this to create a bespoke wedding website!

    Rather than using the default fonts for section and paragraph headings, you can replace it by uploading your own custom calligraphy images.

    In the example above, the couple replaced the default "Our Story" text with their own version!

    You'll be able to change any section headings or paragraph headings by editing the section and clicking on the "Add custom calligraphy" option

  7. Wedding Party Intros

    Having a section to introduce your bridal party is a great way to personalize your wedding website!

    You can keep it super simple or include a short story about how you two know each other like in these two examples below:

    In this example above, the couple went the extra mile by creating a custom graphic for each of their bridal party members and uploaded it as a custom calligraphy image which replaced the default text their names would have appeared in!

  8. Schedule of Events

    Including a schedule of events on your wedding website is a great way to let your guests know what to expect and how to prepare!

    Here are some different example timelines to give you an idea of how simple you can keep it (without image), with photos, or add your own illustrations for an extra personalized touch!

  9. Upload Your Own Photos & Graphics

    Using your own photos and graphics is the best way to truly personalize your wedding website! The options are endless in the ways you can customize your site really, but here are some great examples to give you some inspiration :)

    All of these couples have used the Image section type to upload their images and graphics in various sizes and alignments.

  10. Single Scroll or Multiple Pages

    Do you prefer your guests to just scroll through your entire website or separate information into different pages?

    By default, your website is set to single scroll, but you can always add additional pages to your site by clicking on the "Add page" link at the top of the site builder

    Once you have created a new page, make sure to publish it so you can add it to your navigation menu for guests to find!

  11. Navigation Menu

    This brings us to our next point! Whether you've chosen to create a single scroll or multipage website, you can set up your navigation menu so that guests can easily jump to certain bits of information on your website.

    To choose what is visible in your navigation menu, go to Site settings > Menu > Navigation links and select the sections and/or pages you want to include

  12. RSVP Button

    Asking your guests to RSVP on your wedding website? Then let's make sure it's easy for them to find!

    We recommend adding an RSVP near the top of your wedding website, just under the header section so your guests can't miss it. Another great place to put your RSVP form is in the navigation menu. A lot of couples put both for good measure, but you can choose to do one or the other, or create an RSVP button somewhere else as well!

    To display the RSVP button under your names, go to Site settings > Header > and enable the Display RSVP button below header option.

    To display the RSVP button in your navigation menu, go to Site settings > Menu > and enable the Display RSVP link in menu option.

    To create an RSVP button elsewhere, you can add a new section > choose the Button section > and choose the RSVP Online option.

  13. Custom CSS (Advanced)

    For advanced users who want to further customize their wedding websites, you have the option to add your own CSS!

    You'll find this option under Site settings > Design > Add custom CSS.

  14. Multiple Languages (Available in Pro)

For couples who speak multiple languages, you do have the option to translate your existing website into more languages!

Once you have finished creating your website (ex: In English), you can add another language by clicking on the Languages link:

Then click on Add language and choose your language from the dropdown menu:

Note: We cover most languages, but if you don't find your language from the dropdown menu, select "Other..." and you'll still be able to use this feature as you are in control of the translations!

To learn more about how to use the multilingual feature, read this article.

Which template should I start with?

All of our templates are fully customizable so it's really up to your aesthetic and how you want to personalize your website to achieve the look you're after!

If you need some more inspiration, here are 10 beautiful wedding website examples and the WedSites templates they used to create them!

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