Setting up your guest list

Begin by adding guests to your guest list manager to keep track of their incoming RSVPs, dietary requirements, contact details, and more.

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Before you add any guests to your guest list manager, you'll see this screen prompting you to add your first guest.

Add a new guest

When adding a new guest, you'll be asked to fill out the following information.

At this stage, the only mandatory information you need to fill out is the guest's first and last name.

If you have their email address, I would recommend adding it to your guest manager as it will save you time when sending out digital announcements. 

If you are planning on sending out physical invitations, you can use the digital stationery save the dates to ask guests to update their details, including their physical address. 

Go here to learn more about adding a new guest.

Guest details

A-list: Guests that you simply cannot imagine getting married without.

B-list: Guests that you would like to invite if space allows.

Side: Choose whether the guest is coming from your side of the family or your partners.

Group: Groups are useful for organizing groups of family members or social circles.

Age: Choose whether the guest is an Adult, Child, or Infant. This comes in handy when you need to tell your caterer how many adult and children's meals they need to prepare. 

Dietary: You can leave this field blank as the answer will be provided by your guests when they fill out the RSVP form on your website. 


Households are for grouping together guests who live under the same roof (Ex: couples and families who live together)

You can put guests under the same household by adding the guest directly using the "Add guests" option nested under the Household tab. 

Changing a guest's household

If you've added two guests separately, each guests will automatically have their own household. To put the guests under the same household, edit one of the guests and change their household. (Learn more about editing households)

In the example below, I'm changing Anna Fuller's household to "Elizabeth & James Marin". 

If you want to give a guest a plus one, you can give them the option to RSVP for a +1 by selecting the "Add a +1" option. 


The RSVP tab is used to keep track of the guest's RSVP status and their responses to the questions included on your form. 

The guest's status (ex: Confirmed) and the answers to the questions were all added by the guest and automatically stored in this section.

Go here to learn more about the RSVP settings and RSVP form builder for creating your own questions.


The next tab over is the Stationery tab, used to keep track of the announcements sent to each guest. 

If you've chosen to send out paperless stationery through Wedsites, this will automatically be updated with the date the announcement was sent out. 

If you've physically sent out your save the dates, invitations, or thank you cards, you can update this area manually.

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