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How to give your guests a plus one when you don't know the name of their date to your wedding.

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How do I give a guest a plus one? 

To give a guest a plus one, head over to your Guest list from your dashboard and click on the name of the guest you want to give the +1 option to. 

Next, click on the Household tab from the Edit guest panel. 

Click the option to "Add a +1" and save the guest entry.

Now when that guest goes to RSVP on your website, they'll be asked to enter their name and whether they'll be attending the wedding.

Once the guest confirms their attendance, they'll be asked whether or not they will be bringing a +1 and the name of their guest.

When the guest has successfully RSVP'd for themselves and their plus one, their details will automatically be stored in your guest list.

In the example above, "Blair Waldorf" has been added to your guest list as Blair and Charles' plus one.

What about couples and families?

For couples and families, you will need to make sure that those guests are in the same "household" to ensure that anyone within that household can RSVP for the entire group. 

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