Importing your guest list

Use the import tool to save yourself time when adding your guest into your guest list manager.

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Using the import feature is a great way to quickly add all your guests into your account. 

Go to your Guests list from the dashboard, click "Upload" and you'll see the screen below:

Click on the Select file, and you'll be taken to the Import guests page.

Click Download sample to get the spreadsheet (.csv file) with the correct formatting you need to import your guests.

When you open up the file, you'll notice some demo data in the spreadsheet to show you how it works. 

The spreadsheet will be broken down into 9 columns, A through I, which correlates with the information needed to add a new guest manually.

Go here to learn more about adding guests manually into your guest list manager.

Column A: First name (Mandatory)
Column B: Last name (Mandatory)

Column C: Email address (Optional)

If you don't know your guest's email address, you can turn on the "Collect email addresses" option from your RSVP settings

By doing so, when your guests visit your website

Column D: Household (Recommended)The household name is used to group together guests who live under the same address, so any couples who live together or families with children. 

In the case of couples, as an example, you could write "Nathan & Sandy" or "Mr. & Mrs. Steiner" 

For families, you could write "The Warren Family" or "Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Warren".

For single guests or those with a plus one, you can use the guest's name as the household name.

Please note: If this field is left blank, a household will automatically be created for each individual guests. Therefore we highly recommend creating a household name for families and couples so you don't need to change their household later on. (Learn more about households here.)

Column E: List (Optional)

For this column, enter either "A" or "B" to specify which priority list the guest is in.

A-list guests are for people you simply cannot imagine getting married without.

B-list guests are for people you would like to invite if you have the capacity to invite them.

If you are able to invite everyone and have no need for a B-list, you can add all your guests to your A-list by putting "A" for all guests in this column.

Column F: RSVP (Optional)

If you haven't sent out your invitations yet, write "Not invited yet" for ALL guests.

If you've already sent out your invitations and received RSVP responses from some of your guests, you can either write "Confirmed", "Regretfully declined", or "Waiting for reply" from guests you're still waiting to hear back from.

Column G: Age (Optional)

Use this column to specify whether the guest is an "Adult", "Child" or "Infant"

Column H: Side (Optional)

Use this column to specify which "side" your guest is on.

Column I: Group (Optional)

Use this column to specify which "group" your guest is in. 

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