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How to add, delete or move a guest into a household

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How to add a household

A household is automatically created when you manually add a guest to your guest list manager. 

Read this article to learn more about households.

How to add or move a guest to a household

If you add another person in that guest's household, the household will look something like this:

If you added two guests separately and need to put them into the same household, go to one of the guest entries and click on the Household dropdown and select the household you'd like to add them into. 

If you're importing your guest list, make sure you spell the exact same household name for each guest for a successful import. 

How to delete a household

To delete a household, no guests can be a part of it. 

You will need to move any existing guests of a household into another one before you have the option to delete it. 

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