What is a household?

A household is used to group together guests who are living together under the same roof (couples and families), or singles who you are giving a +1. 

Households come in handy when you are preparing your invitations as these guests would be receiving a single invitation with 2 or more RSVPs.

Learn more about creating a household for couples and families so they can all RSVP together.

How to create a household

A household is automatically created when you manually add a guest to your guest list manager. 

Learn more about how to add, delete or move a guest into a household

Addressing your invitations

When you're ready to address your invitations, printing out your households will give you a great document to work with! 

Print off the document and cross the names off as you go, or save the document as a PDF and send it to the person who will be addressing the envelopes for you! 

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