To get to your seating chart tool, go to "Planner" > "Seating chart"

Up at the top, you have the options to export this seating chart as a CSV file, reset your tables if you'd like to start over, or print out your seating arrangements or save it as a PDF to send off to your venue coordinator/wedding planner/caterer/etc. 

To add another table, click the "Add table" button in the top right corner, and to add guests to a table, you can simply just click and drag the guest from one table to the next. 

You can also reorder guests within a given table by clicking and dragging their names into position.

When you first set up your seating chart tool, you will notice that guests have been distributed into different tables automatically to give you a starting point to work with. 

If you have some guests in your guest list that you are still waiting to hear back from or haven't invited yet, you'll find them in the "Unassigned" table with a yellow (waiting for reply) or grey (not invited yet) number next to their names. 

Note: Guests who have declined their invitation will not be included in your seating chart. 

For guests who have confirmed their status, they will have a green number next to their name and will automatically be distributed into one of the tables and seated next to or near someone from the same "Group" they've been added to. 

Note: If you have used the groups feature, you will notice a colored label next to each person's name. 

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