To find your wedding website settings and add privacy protection, go to the "Website" section of your dashboard and click on the "Settings" button.

From the "Site settings" panel, you'll be able to publish your website, display a different page while it's under construction, and decide whether you'd like to password protect your website.

Can people find my wedding website on Google?

We understand and respect that you wouldn't want strangers on the internet finding your wedding website. That's why we don't index our couple's website by default, which means people won't be able to just find it on Google by searching your names.

For an extra level of security, you can even add a passcode to your website so guests will need to enter that password in order to get into the site. Just make sure to share that code with your guests!

Have you created your RSVP form?

 Go here to learn more about how to create your own RSVP questionnaire form for your guests

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