Are you organizing some special activities or have some questions you need to ask your guests? 

Creating your own form can get you some answers!

Inside your dashboard lives a RSVP form builder that you can use to easily create your own questionnaire.

Go to the RSVP section in your dashboard and click on the Form builder

Start by adding a question. You can choose from the following types of questions:

Short text & long text questions

You can ask a question and have your guests write a short answer.

A yes or no question

If you're giving your guests the option to choose their meal, the dropdown question is great to use and list the different options they can select from.

Multiple choice question

Date selector

If you need to know when a guest will be arriving or how long they'll be in town, the date selector question makes it easy for them to give you a date.

To hide any of these three questions below from your RSVP form, you will need to turn off the collect email, household address, or dietary requirements options. 

Go here to learn more about how to create your own RSVP questionnaire form.

You can find your RSVP settings by going to the RSVP section in your dashboard and clicking on "Responses". 

Once you've opened your RSVP settings, you'll be able to choose what information you'd like to collect from your guests in addition to the questions you created in your form builder.

Do you still have questions? Click on the chat bubble in the lower right-hand corner to get in touch with our team. 

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