During the setup process, you were asked for your name, your partner's name, and your wedding date. You'll find all this information in the basic details section under Home in your dashboard. 

You'll be able to update or change any of these details at anytime.

Basic details 

If you didn't have a wedding date at the time you signed up, you can always go here to update your account with your wedding date along with your ceremony start time and venue details. These details are used to populate the information on your digital save the dates and invitations inside of the platform.

The capacity field in the venue settings is used to show you how many people can comfortably fit in your given venue. 

As your guests start to RSVP, you'll be able to see how many seats you have left before reaching max venue capacity. 

General settings

You can also find your general settings from the bottom left corner of your dashboard. 

Region settings

You can find your regional settings here to change your timezone and the currency you are using to keep track of your wedding budget expenses.

Changing your site URL

The Site URL section is where you can change the subdomain of your wedding website. 

RSVP Settings

Your RSVP settings can be found under the RSVP section of your dashboard.

The RSVP section is automatically set to restrict RSVP to guest list, which means only people on your guest list will be allowed to RSVP on your website. 

Guests will be asked to confirm their names, and only exact matches will be allowed to RSVP for your wedding. 

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