To create your RSVP form, you can choose from the 6 different types of questions included in the form builder. (Go here to learn more about these question types)

To add a new question to your form, click on the type of question you want to add. 

If you ever want to edit or delete an existing question (like the example "Just for fun" question), you can click on the question and "Delete question" from your form. 

When you've added all your RSVP form questions, you can preview the RSVP form before publishing your website by clicking on the "Preview form" button. 

How do I collect my guests dietary preferences? Email addresses? or household addresses for sending physical stationery? 

If you would like to collect any of this information from your guests when they come to RSVP on your website, you can enable these options from your RSVP settings

These options should be turned on by default,  but if you want to change any of these options, go to the "RSVP" tool from your dashboard and click on the "Settings" button. 

From there you'll be able to toggle which options you'd like to turn on or off.

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