When I was creating my wedding website, I wanted to create something unique and different from the other sites I've seen. The Wedsites site builder has many different design templates you can choose from and the ability to add your own sections and colors. 

When you are just getting started with your wedding website, you'll notice that a demo website has already been created for you to give you a starting point. You can always use the layout by adding your own content, or completely change the layout by moving, adding or deleting sections from your site.

In this guide, I'll walk you through how you can customize your wedding website to make it truly yours. 

1. Choose a template

Get started by selecting a template for your wedding website by going to Templates under Website from your dashboard. 

Next, you can start customizing the layout by going to Builder and selecting Customize which will bring up a panel with variations of your chosen template and a color palette for you to change (if you want to). 

If you ever change your mind, you can always choose another template without losing what you've created so far. 

Header options

The header is what is shown at the very top of your wedding website and displays your names, wedding date, and your RSVP deadline. You can change any of these details by clicking on Header shortcut under your Site. 

From there you can change the way your names are displayed, add your RSVP deadline, and upload your own header image or custom calligraphy to replace the existing names on your website. 

2. Add your own content

You'll notice that your website already has some existing content. This is for demonstration purposes, so go ahead and delete the sections you don't need or rewrite the sections with your own material.

Simply click on the section you want to edit and you'll be able to change the content or delete the section completely.

How to move and resize a section

By hovering over an existing section, you'll see a couple of different tools to help you move, resize and edit it. 

In the example below, I'm clicking on the arrows in the left corner to move/change the position of my bridal party bios. 

In this example, I'm using the arrow on the right to resize my welcome message to half the width.

How to add a new section

To add a new section to your website, hover over the area you'd like to add it and click on the big plus (+) button. For more information, check out this article

In the example below, I've added a photo section next to my half-width welcome message.

3. Password protection your website

If you would like to password protect your website, you can go into your Site settings and create a special access code.

By enabling this option, guests will need the code to enter your website. 

For more information on how to add a password, check out this article

4. Get your website RSVP ready

Before you publish your website, you should be prepared to capture any early RSVPs from guests. 

Go to the RSVP section in your dashboard and visit the Form builder

Use the RSVP form builder to ask your guests questions that might help you make better decisions like:

  • Will you need a lift to the venue? Yes/No

  • Which meal option would you like? Dropdown

  • When will you be flying into the country? Date selector

  • What's your best piece of marriage advice? Long text

  • What song will get you on the dance floor? Short text 

To learn more about how to create your own RSVP questionnaire, check out this article

Note: Don't forget to add your guests into your guest list manager so your website can match all your incoming RSVP responses to guests' names. 

For more information on how to use the guest list manager, check out these articles:

  1. How to import your guest list using a spreadsheet

  2. How to manually add, delete, and edit guests

  3. A walk through of the guest list manager

5. Publish your website


Now that you've customized your website and created your RSVP form, you're ready to publish your wedding website. One more thing to tick off your checklist :)

Hit the Publish button and your website will go live! Woohoo!!

Now you'll start seeing your RSVPs rolling in!

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